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Green Sweeps is a professional chimney sweeping service in Hampshire and Wiltshire

Why use Green Sweeps

As a member of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps, you receive the services of a fully trained and experienced sweep, who has been observed and assessed at customers’ properties to ensure that the highest standards are maintained and taken a rigorous examination to show a working knowledge of building regulations and safety requirements and is hence authorised to issue appliance certificates.

As a Guild member, I am obliged to provide public liability insurance, am required to carry a superior level of equipment compared to many non registered and legislated sweeps, such as HEPA filtered industrial vacuum cleaners and specialised types of rods and brushes, and, through the Guild, have access to a wealth of knowledge and technical advice to help us solve any problems your appliance may throw at us.

Why are we called Green Sweeps?

Many customers ask this, especially as my name is Les Bowering. Well, if I can ensure that your appliance is working efficiently, meaning clean, utilised properly, well ventilated and burning only seasoned wood (a carbon neutral fuel), then your fire will not only be safer and more economical, but better for the environment, and hence Green!

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